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I've read at several places that you can use poll(2) with a posix queue but nowhere on the internet have I found a simple example. So I presumed that it should go like this

mq_send(socket->mFd, (const char*)data->getBuffer(), data->getLen(), 0 );
//and then in an other porcess here is my poll
::poll(m_descriptors, ii, msecWaitTime);

But this doesnt work, I would expect a POLLIN or POLLRDNORM or maybe POLLRDBAND or whatever to arrive, but it doesnt. And I am quite sure that my descriptor is there in the PollFd array. Am I doing something wrong, or this is correct and the problem is somwhere else in my code? (I'm on OpenSuse, which is a linux, so I guessed this should work).

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You can on some operating systems, e.g. linux. But please show all your code, as the current 2 lines does not tell us anything of importance. Show where you set up the message queue descriptor in the m_descriptors , show the types and how ii is calculated, etc. –  nos Aug 10 '12 at 15:24
Hi nos, the code is huge and classified, but if the misake is me setting up m_descriptors and ii incorrectly, then I'll look into it further. I just need to know, whether this example is theoratically correct and should work or this is not how these queues should be polled. –  user1132655 Aug 10 '12 at 15:32

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OK, NOS was right. This example is theoratically correct and it really does work on my OpenSuse, it was my mistake to forget filling out the event mask for this fd.

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