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I am using Spring Integration and have a large XML file containing a collection of child items, I want to split the file into a set of messages, the payload of each message will be one of the child XML fragments.

Using splitter is the obvious but this requires returning a collection of messages and this will exhaust the memory; I need to split the file into individual messages but process them one at a time (or more likely with a multi threaded task-executor).

Is there a standard way to do this without writing a custom component that writes the sub-messages to a channel programatically.

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i have been looking for a similar solution and I have not found either any standard way of doing this. Here is a rather dirty fix, if anyone needs this behavior implemented:

  1. Split the files manually using a Service Activator or a Splitter with a custom bean.
<int:splitter input-channel="rawChannel" output-channel="splitChannel" id="splitter" >
  <bean class="com.a.b.c.MYSplitter" />
  1. Your custom bean should implement ApplicationContextAware so the application context can be injected by Spring.
  2. Manually retrieve the output channel and send each sub-message
MessageChannel xsltChannel = (MessageChannel) 

applicationContext.getBean("splitChannel"); Message message = new GenericMessage(payload));

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