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I Follow the demo for linqtotiwwter.codeplex.com I tried to fallow the demo webformrtimeline so I wrote this code for a DotNetNuke Module when a push the bottom btnAutorizar for beginauthorization always the response is Error 401 Unauhtorized . there are the configuration that i put into the settings of my module.

ConsumerKey: lcgG6BXQpwQtHSzwqWA ConsumerSecret: 6MoV8PlLBktgVaAP5ezDYEHGMKcHGEDe8eDuk5mpas and my aplicattion in twitter call dnnPrueba

What is my mistake in the code??, what more i need? please help me! and sorry for my English!

public partial class ViewTwitterAndrea : PortalModuleBase    {         

private ConfiguracionTwitterAndrea configuracion;       

private WebAuthorizer wbAuthorizer;            

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)        {           

try            {                   

configuracion = new ConfiguracionTwitterAndrea(this.TabModuleId);                   

string consumerKey = configuracion.ConsumerKey;                   

string consumerSecret = configuracion.ConsumerSecret;                                        

if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(consumerKey) || string.IsNullOrEmpty(consumerSecret))                        
{  this.mvTwitterAndrea.SetActiveView(this.vwConfiguracion); }
else {                      
IOAuthCredentials objCredenciales = new SessionStateCredentials();                          
if (objCredenciales.ConsumerKey == null || objCredenciales.ConsumerSecret == null)                             
objCredenciales.ConsumerKey = configuracion.ConsumerKey;                                                              
objCredenciales.ConsumerSecret = configuracion.ConsumerSecret;   
wbAuthorizer = new WebAuthorizer {                                
PerformRedirect = authUrl => Response.Redirect(authUrl)      };                                  
if(string.IsNullOrEmpty(objCredenciales.ConsumerKey) || string.IsNullOrEmpty(objCredenciales.ConsumerSecret)){                                   
lblRegistrado.Text = "No estas autorizado aun";           
btnAutorizar.Visible = true; 
btnTweets.Visible = false;
}else if(wbAuthorizer.IsAuthorized){                 
lblRegistrado.Text = "Estas Autorizado.";     
btnAutorizar.Visible = false;                           
btnTweets.Visible = true;                 
}}catch (Exception ex) {Exceptions.ProcessModuleLoadException(this, ex);     

protected void BtnEnviar_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)        {             
ComunicacionTwitter objTwitter = new ComunicacionTwitter(this.TabModuleId);   
Status objStatus= objTwitter.ActualizarEstado(wbAuthorizer, this.txtEstado.Text);
protected void btnAutorizar_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {    
try {               
}catch(Exception ex){ }     

protected void btnTweets_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)        {           
try  {       
wbAuthorizer = new WebAuthorizer    {               
Credentials = new SessionStateCredentials()     };
ComunicacionTwitter objTwitter = new ComunicacionTwitter(this.TabModuleId);               
var UltimosTweets = objTwitter.getHomeTimeLine(wbAuthorizer, intCantidadTweets);
foreach (var Tweet in UltimosTweets)                {                   
this.spnTweets.InnerHtml =    "<div class='twitterTweet'>" +    
"<div class='twitterUsuario'>Usuario " + Tweet.ScreenName + "</div>" + 
"<div class='twitterContenido'>" + Tweet.Text + "</div>" + 
"<div class='twitterFecha'>" + Tweet.CreatedAt + "</div>" +                   
}catch(Exception ex){    }     

********** And I have another class

Class ConfiguracionTwitter{
public ConfiguracionTwitter(){} 
public IEnumerable<Status> getHomeTimeLine(WebAuthorizer auth,int intCantidadTweets) {               
twitterContexto= new TwitterContext(auth);           
var tweets =        
(from tweet in twitterContexto.Status                       
where tweet.Type == StatusType.Home                        
select tweet).Take(intCantidadTweets).ToList();           
return tweets;        
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A "401 Unauthorized" means that your application is unable to authenticate with Twitter. There are many things that can cause a 401. I've compiled a FAQ that will give you a list of things to check:


BTW, posting your OAuth keys makes your application insecure. You should visit your app on the Twitter page as soon as possible and generate a new set of keys.


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Ok Joe Mayo In this moment i'm changin the OAuth Keys!! –  Alejandro Garcia Aug 10 '12 at 21:24

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