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I'm using Netbeans 7.2 and when I'm trying this tutorial I'm getting this error :

enter image description here

the class code is as following :

public class Login extends Application {

public void start(Stage primaryStage) {
    GridPane grid = new GridPane();
    grid.setPadding(new Insets(25, 25, 25, 25));

    Text sceneTitle = new Text("Welcome");
    sceneTitle.setFont(Font.font("Tahoma", FontWeight.NORMAL, 20));
    grid.add(sceneTitle, 0, 0, 2, 1);

    Label userName = new Label("User Name:");
    grid.add(userName, 0, 1);

    Label pw = new Label("Password:");
    grid.add(pw, 0, 2);

    Scene scene = new Scene(grid, 300, 275);

    primaryStage.setTitle("JavaFX Welcome");;

 * The main() method is ignored in correctly deployed JavaFX application.
 * main() serves only as fallback in case the application can not be
 * launched through deployment artifacts, e.g., in IDEs with limited FX
 * support. NetBeans ignores main().
 * @param args the command line arguments
public static void main(String[] args) {

I'm using JavaFX 2

any idea about this ?

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Check your imports. It seems your Label is not javafx.scene.control.Label

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Thanks, this is it ! – Adil Aug 10 '12 at 16:18

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