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I have created the formatter below and I need to do a check on a property of an object having the same coordinates as the cell I am on.

For example, if I am on cell (1,2) in the grid, in order to determine the formatting I have to check whether OBJECT[1][2].formula is defined.

I have done this below in a straightforward way but I suspect I am using the wrong technique since it is taking very long to load and the browser even asks me whether I want to stop the script.

Is there a better way to access external parameters from within a formatter?


function styleFormatter(row, cell, value, columnDef, dataContext) {

// here I access an external data structure (a graph) that is linked to the grid to store additional info
//this graph is initially empty so the nodes are undefined, so I use a try catch to handle this

         try {
        if (myGraph.getNodeByCoords(row,col)) {
            var node = myGraph.getNodeByCoords(row,col);
    } catch(e) {}

    if (value == null || value === "") {

        return "";

    } else if(node.formula) {

            return "<div class='cell-has-formula'>" + value + "</div>";
    } else { 

            return "<div class='cell-has-string'>" + value + "</div>";


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On first glance, your quotes are mismatched on the else if(node.formula) return. –  ganeshk Aug 10 '12 at 15:33
Thanks for spotting that. It is just a copy paste error to simplify code for this forum. The quotes match on the application. The issue is in the logic rather than the syntax. –  Gian Aug 10 '12 at 16:11

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