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How do you set the log file path in the configuration file so that all the incoming messages can be dumped to a file statsd.log for example.

What I have so far is like this but it does not seem to work:

   graphitePort: 2003,
   graphiteHost: "",
   port: 8125,
   flushInterval: 10000,
   debug: false,
   dumpMessages: true,
   log: "some/file/path/statsd.log"


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You can redirect the output of statsd to wherever you want

node /usr/share/statsd/stats.js /etc/statsd/rdioConfig.js 2>&1 >> /tmp/statsd.log 

Or you can set the logging to go to syslog.

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Alternatively, you can initialize your own logger with the help of log4js library.

var log4js = require(log4js);
log4js.addAppender(log4js.appenders.file(config.log), 'bekcilog');
var loggerjs = log4js.getLogger('bekcilog')

Calling replaceConsole method is critical so that all console logs could be caught and dumped into the log file you specified. Because as default, statsd logs on console; you will catch all of them with this way.

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