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I created a stand alone zend form for uploading files and I set the file element as a required field. But the file element is not printing out any error message.

I set the decorators for the file element like so:

// The file element requires the File decorator instead of the 
// ViewHelper decorator

I pasted the code here:

I pasted the template here:

What am I doing wrong? I thank you in advance for your assistance.

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you may need to split the ispost and the isvalid:

if( isset( $_POST['submit'] )) {
    if ($form->isValid( $_POST )){
    echo 'Thank you';
    //if is post but not valid reload page and render the errors
    echo $form->render( $view );//render form with errors
    echo $form->getMessages($view);//or just render the messages back to the view
} else {
    echo $form->render( $view );//if not post render form

This is my best guess.


have you tried


instead of


The form level setElementDecorators maybe somehow interferring with setting the file element decorators. addDecorator() or addDecorators() should prevent that.

I would also suggest you try using the default decorators for test to rule out any other potential issues.

I don't see anything obvious. The only thing that's really different is that the File element proxies isValid() to Zend_File_Transfer. I suppose there could be an issue there, but if there were I would expect a significant error message.

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It did not work. Plus, the form already printed out all errors except for file element errors. –  ryy Aug 12 '12 at 13:06
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Needed to print out enctype="element->getEnctype();?> and everything worked.

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