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I have a JTree with a SelectionListener attached. The listener is functioning properly and notifies me correctly whenever I click on a node in the tree.

However, the nodes don't always get highlighted when selected. In fact, it requires two clicks to get the visual "blue-box" on the node to appear.

Why does the following code require two clicks to show a selection?

Creation of the JTree

JTree tree = new JTree();

Adding the Listener

tree.addTreeSelectionListener(new TreeSelectionListener() {
        public void valueChanged(TreeSelectionEvent event) {
            JTree tree = (JTree) event.getSource();
            DefaultMutableTreeNode selectedNode = (DefaultMutableTreeNode) tree.getLastSelectedPathComponent();
            if (selectedNode != null) {
                model.setSelectedFilter((Filter) selectedNode.getUserObject());


I would like to add that it appears only to happen once I call .setModel on the tree a second time.

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The problem was that I was using an Observer pattern and continuously calling for the display (eg. the JTree, to update()). This is not a problem by itself.

However, in my update call I was constantly using tree.setModel(...) when really the underlying model takes care of these changes itself. I switched my code to only call setModel() once and everything functions perfectly now.

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