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I set this variable at the top of my page setVars = {"n":"2","m":"1","degree":"3","p":"2"}

I want to iterate over each of the elements in setVars but jquery's each() function isn't working.

Here's what I have -

$(setVars).each(function(key, value) {
  elementId = '#' + key+ '-wrapper';

But key is set to 0 here on the first iteration and value is set to the full setVars object here for some reason. It doesn't make it to a second iteration, it breaks when I step through it and try to go to the second iteration.

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It should be like that I belive according to this

$.each(setVars, function(key, value) {
  elementId = '#' + key+ '-wrapper';

setVars is not a collection of DOM elements, it is an object

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Works, cheers... – Jim_CS Aug 10 '12 at 16:28

You are using .each() that's meant for iterating through jQuery objects instead of $.each() that's meant for iterating through objects and arrays. Try this:

$.each( setVars, function(key, value) {
  elementId = '#' + key+ '-wrapper';
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you don't need JQuery for this. Also I could be wrong but you don't want the quotes around the name of the object properties you never see that:

setVars = {n:"2",m:"1",degree:"3",p:"2"}


for(i in setVars){
   console.log("key: ",i," value: ", setVars[i]); // demonstration of how to access key and value
   elementId = '#' + i + '-wrapper';
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The setVars variable comes from a PHP script where I encoded a PHP array. – Jim_CS Aug 10 '12 at 16:27

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