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I have a service IService that several components depend on. The components come and go depending on user actions.

It so happens that the implementation of IService is expensive, and I want 1 instance shared across all components. So far so good, I can use:


However, I don't want to ExpensiveStuff to live forever once built; I only want it to exist when one or more components holds a reference to it.

Is there a built in means of achieving this in Autofac?

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I think you'll have to make sure that your usage of those dependencies happen within an instance scope.

The Orchard project could be a source of inspiration here. They use a set of scopes for Unit of Work; see the ShellContainerFactory.cs source file.

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I understand I can use an instance per scope to share an instance across multiple components; but what I'm not seeing in the source you reference is how to get the components themselves to control the lifetime of the instance, unless I build them all within a scope – Tom Thorne Aug 13 '12 at 9:38
I believe that is the answer. "Build them all within a scope". Otherwise, there is no way for Autofac to predict when you no longer need the reference. Sounds like you could use a Unit of Work pattern for the batch of work that uses those references, and just make a scope for that. – Brandon Joyce Aug 13 '12 at 17:25

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