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Hey there i've been having some difficulties with trying to figure out how to reset a button back to its previous state once its been clicked on. I know it involves a javascript timing, Can anyone help ive been trying all morning now.

    function clickMute()
    { if (document.Mute.src=='http://www.showandtell.com/TRUMusicControl/images/BeforeClickMute.png'){

    else if (document.Mute.src=='http://www.showandtell.com/TRUMusicControl/images/AfterClickMute.png'){


    <div id= "Mute">
    <a href="#">
     <img id="Mutebutton" name="Mute" onclick="clickMute()" src="images/BeforeClickMute.png" width="140" height="126" />
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Firstly, remove the a (anchor) tag surrounding the image (mute button). Then just use the following code (to replace your function):

function clickMute(){
    var strPath = "http://www.showandtell.com/TRUMusicControl/images/",
        arrSrc = ["BeforeClickMute.png","AfterClickMute.png"],
        button = document.getElementById("Mutebutton"),
        index = (/Before/i.test(button.src)) ? 1 : 0;
    button.src = strPath + arrSrc[index];

    /* If you need the button to reset itself after a certain time... */
    if (index) setTimeout(clickMute,2000);
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Here's what I'm doing: 1) Create an array with the source -- so you have less repetition and easier maintainability. 2) Create a regular expression with the "keyword" (Before) to test the current source of the image ... if Before is in it use the After image. Otherwise, vice-versa. –  Joe Johnson Aug 10 '12 at 17:01
hey thanks! but for some reason i doesn't work... doesn't the anchor tag make it so its clickable? i tried with your code but it didn't even shutter. –  user1584988 Aug 10 '12 at 17:08
The onclick event attribute in your img element is all you need. Send me a link to the page where I can see the problem. –  Joe Johnson Aug 10 '12 at 17:09
Doh! I realized the problem, I believe... see above edit. –  Joe Johnson Aug 10 '12 at 17:14
Let me know if adding the THIS keyword (see last answer edit above) didn't work. I don't have a login ... so I can't get to the correct page (your provided link takes me to a login page). –  Joe Johnson Aug 10 '12 at 17:20

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