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I need help, I'm working With Eclipse-Link 2.4 (the newer), well I have some JPQL functions with CONCAT string function and I am usin the Instruccion

SELECT NEW test.Routing(r.idOperacion, CONCAT(r.reference, 'Test') ) FROM Routing r;

It is more complex but I have made the JPQL a little short, this is the problem

Is resolving CONCAT(r.reference, 'Test') as a Boolean and said that there is no constructor like Routing(Strnig, Boolean) because there is not, only take 2 strings, this happens since I have upgrade my eclipselink from glassfish.

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You have spotted bug in EclipseLink 2.4. Query is syntactically correct JQPL query and it works for example in EclipseLink 2.3.3.

Workaround is to call CONCAT database function with using FUNC:

SELECT NEW test.Routing(r.idOperacion, FUNC('CONCAT', r.reference, 'Test') ) 
FROM Routing r;

What else you can possibly do is to file bug and rollback to version 2.3.3, if features introduced in 2.4 are not needed.

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