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I have the following lines in the config file for my Apache virtual host:

DocumentRoot /home/jordan/webprojects/wsgihello/web
WSGIDaemonProcess wsgihello processes=4 threads=15 display-name=%{GROUP}
WSGIProcessGroup wsgihello

WSGIScriptAlias /api /home/jordan/webprojects/wsgihello/api/front.py

front.py just returns a text document with the keys and values of the environ dict. I noticed that environ['GATEWAY_INTERFACE'] == 'CGI/1.1'.

What exactly does CGI/1.1 mean? Is Apache going though CGI to start a new interpreter for each request or does it simply identify mod_wsgi by that interface identifier?

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It is an artifact of the fact that mod_wsgi calls an Apache C routine to generate the CGI key/values for the environ dictionary. Apache so happens to add that. It is not invoking a separate process.



for more information about process/threading model in mod_wsgi.

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