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I'm using Spring Social to connect user application account to a social account (Facebook and/or Twitter).

It turns out that it is possible that two different user accounts connect to the same social account.


  • User1 in my webapp connects with Facebook account #1
  • User2 in my webapp connects with Facebook account #1

This is possible now. Looks like this happens inside Spring Social. After that, sign-in with social account is not possible for both accounts.

I would like to avoid connecting same social account to different webapp users at a point when User2 tries to connect. Any hint how can I do that is appreciated!

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An answer to this question is providede here. Code example here.

In short, ConnectInterceptor must be used for ConnectController to check for existing connection and remove currently creating connection if its a duplicate.

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If you are using default connection controller provided by spring social, after getting the user token/secret it stores in database. To store in database spring-social uses :

  • org.springframework.social.connect.jdbc.JdbcConnectionRepository
  • org.springframework.social.connect.jdbc.JdbcUsersConnectionRepository

Before storing into database you can validate the items and provide your own logic.

Hope this helps!

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