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Just got the filters package and loving that fact that I can run, for example

ls | pirates

and have a funny (if impractical) output.

For International Talk Like A Pirate Day I would like all my output to automatically be filtered by pirate! If I run exec bash -i | pirate, this works, but some strange things occur, namely not every line is finished with a new line and a new bash input character $

I've tried playing with redirecting stdout, and scripts but all I have tried seems to fail. Ideas?

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Don't you mean pirate (without the s)? If that be true, I see no probs over herrrre – Rody Oldenhuis Aug 10 '12 at 18:41
Arrr, indeed I did mean pirate, that is what I was using. Worked for you as it should? Its always newlining after output and printing the ...$ waiting for input characters? hmm... – Sam Gonshaw Aug 10 '12 at 19:22

try exec'ing a script that pipes the shell's output to pirates:

cat shell.sh
bash | pirates
chmod +x shell.sh
exec ./shell.sh
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