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I have a situation where I need to place a pager in one control and the view for that pager in a different control. I have the native pagers for the view turned off.

If I place a page in the same control as the viewer then it works fine but if I place the pager in one control and the view in another control and place them both on the same page, I get the error Pager is not associated with any data control. Any idea of how to accomplish this? Maybe I need to specify the control id that has the view along with the view associated with the pager?

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You can associate pager with view panel manually using 'Attach to' property on pager (or just simply add/change tag 'for' into source which represent property 'Attach to'.

<xp:pager layout="Previous Group Next" xp:key="footerPager"
id="pager2" for="viewPanel1" >

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This worked great thanks. It is pretty much what I tried but did not work for me. Your code worked perfect when I threw together a demo but when I went to use my CC containing the view it did not work. I had to completely rebuild the view pretty much like I had it but when I did it, it worked too. Not sure what was wrong. Thanks again. – Bruce Stemplewski Aug 14 '12 at 12:38

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