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I use a method named "generate_coordinate" (located in the app/helpers/planets_helper.rb) in my controller PlanetsController.

When running tests, it seems that rspec isn't able to access it, and so cause my test suite to fail because the planet doesn't have any coordinates.

I tried to include my helper at the beginning of the utilities.rb file, but it didn't work

include ApplicationHelper
include PlanetsHelper

I also tried to write my method inside the utilities.rb file, without more success.

I read this post "Where/how to include helper methods for capybara integration tests", but it didn't help me.

I also read about "stub" functions, but because I can't understand what it could be used for, it didn't help me much...

Any idea ?

Here is my test code (spec/requests/planet_pages_spec.rb)

describe "Create planet" do
    before do
        visit new_planet_path
        fill_in "Name", with: "MyPlanet"
        click_button "Validate"

    it {should have_selector('h1', text: "Planet")}

When click on "Validate", it leads to the PlanetsController, which calls the "generate_coordinate" method

def create
    @planet = Planet.new(name: params[:planet][:name],
        coordinates: generate_coordinates, [...])

        if @planet.save
            redirect_to action: 'index'
            render 'new'

And here is the generate_coordinate method, which seems never been called by rspec (whereas it is when I navigate through with my browser)

module PlanetsHelper

    def generate_coordinates
        coordinates = ""


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If your generate_coordinate method is used by both your controller and helper, consider moving into your controller (as a private method) and adding this one-liner to allow views and helpers to access it:

# planets_controller.rb
helper_method :generate_coordinate

helper_method exposes controller methods to views and helpers within the scope of the controller (in this case, planets#index, planets#show, etc).

If you'd rather do it the other way round you have two options:

  • insert include PlanetsHelper at the top of the controller (under class PlanetsController)
  • when you want to call the helper method, call it like this: view_context.generate_coordinate(...)

Try them out and see which one suits your needs best.

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Thanks for your answer Zubin. It is not yet really clear for me about what portion of code is visible by what other portion of code. For example: every method in MycontrollerHelper should be automaticly visible in MycontrollerController right? Should this method also be visible from "Mycontroller's views"? Thus, what is the interrest of including method in Helper files rather than on Controller file directly ? –  Arnlen Aug 12 '12 at 16:55
See edited answer - more info added. –  Zubin Aug 13 '12 at 22:24
Thank you for your edit Zubin, much appreciate the time your took to explain me a little bit more this machinery. I'll try both of your solutions. :) –  Arnlen Aug 14 '12 at 16:40

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