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Looking for a batch file that would copy a file into multiple folders (within the same directory that the batch file was placed), but not their subfolders.

For example:
I need K:\NewCustomers\NewPartNumber.Bat to go into K:\NewCustomers\Customer Name\
but not any subfolder of \Customer Name\, there being 200-300 "Customer Name" folders.

I was using:

for /R "K:\NewCustomers\" %%a in (.) do copy "K:\NewCustomers\NewPartNumber.bat" "%%a"

But this is recursive, and now that there are folders inside of these other folders, I can't run this command without putting it in every subfolder.

I tried running a for /d loop:

for /d "K:\NewCustomers\" %%a in (.) do copy "K:\NewCustomers\NewPartNumber.bat" "%%a"

but was unsuccessful at the syntax and after a while now of looking some things up and trying different things, I'm trying to pull my hair out looking for an answer. I get this error:

K:\NewCustomers* was unexpected at this time.

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Using for /d to loop through folders in a non-recursive fashion indeed the right way to go, but you need to use it like this:

for /d %%a in ("K:\NewCustomers\*") do copy "K:\NewCustomers\NewPartNumber.bat" "%%a"

Alternatively, you can use a for /f loop in combination with dir:

@echo off
pushd "K:\NewCustomers"
for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('dir /A:D /B') do copy "NewPartNumber.bat" "%%a"

Personally, I prefer the first method more, though.

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thank you, sorry for the slow response, but was much appreciated! – Aaron Aug 16 '12 at 15:54

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