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I've created on a local machine (XAMPP) app with login and it works great.

Now, when I deploy it on a server, $this->Auth->login() returns false.

I've debug($this->request->data) and it's the same as local.

I've tested QUERY on sql_dump on phpmyadmin and it's perfect (it found a user) but it's still not logged in. (No user on $this->Auth->user();).

What do you think the problem can be?

I've tried changing session.cookie_path and still nothing...

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If the Security.salt in your /Config/core.php is the same on the production and development server. It has probably something todo with the Session.

Try to change the CakePHP session storage(Session.defaults) to cake instead of php.

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Perfect. It helped me in a situation where I had two apps with identical core, but different security salts. It appears that value of 'php' confused Auth component a lot. Changed it to 'cake' and all went ok. Thanks. –  Jonasson Feb 23 '13 at 19:49

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