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We use Ant with Ivy and I'd like to embed in our created jars and wars the pom.xml and the pom.properties file just as you see if you used Maven. Creating a pom.xml from the ivy.xml file is pretty simple with the <ivy:makepom> task. Getting the artifactId and the gorupId can be done via the <xmlproperty> task. However, how do I create the pom.properties file. Is that necessary?

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Okay, while going through the documentation, I found it was a lot easier than I thought. Ivy generates a lot of properties which can be used. I also found that the pom.xml file only contains the groupId, artifactId and the version, so it's not that tough to generate.

Here's what I did:

<target name="package" depends="compile">

    <!-- Make the pom.xml -->
    <ivy:makepom ivyfile="${ivy.resolved.file}"

    <!-- Make the pom.properties file -->
    <echo file="${target.dir}/pom.properties">
# Generated by Maven NOT!
# ${build.date}

<!-- Build your JAR or whatever -->

    <jar destfile="${target.dir}/{ant.project.name}.jar"
              <section name="Build-Information">
                  <attribute name="Project" value="${env.JOB_NAME}"/>
                  <attribute name="Build-Number" value="${env.BUILD_NUMBER}"/>
                  <attribute name="Build-Date" value="${build.date}"/>
         <zipfileset dir="${target.dir}"
              <include name="pom.xml"/>
              <include name="pom.properties"/>

This helps make using Ivy pretty compatible with Maven.

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