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I am trying to do a rvmsudo rvm gemset import but I am getting this error:

No *.gems file found.

The .gems file is called default.gems.

I've tried doing a rvmsudo rvm gemset import default doesn't work either.

But when I issue a rvm gemset import without elevating to root using rvmsudo, it tries to install the gems in my default.gems file. I suspect rvmsudo is changing the path and fails to find the .gems file in my current working directory. Is there a way to prevent rvmsudo from changing the path?

I've tried to follow the instructions in sudo changes PATH - why? but it doesn't work.

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you should not use rvmsudo, it's for special occasions only, and most of time - it's safer to not use it!

if you are using multiuser or mixed mode installation - then you are better with adding yourself to rvm group and running:

rvmsudo rvm get head

to update the installation - yes this time it's ok to use *sudo

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