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I have the following code to get a run:

        CFArrayRef runs = CTLineGetGlyphRuns(line);

        for(int j = 0; j < CFArrayGetCount(runs); j++)
        //for(id runObj in (__bridge NSArray*)CTLineGetGlyphRuns(line))
            CTRunRef run = CFArrayGetValueAtIndex(runs, j);

What I need to do is to get the actual string of characters that contains this run. If I get the glyphs then these are not actual characters, is there any way to for example get an nsstring containing the actual text given a ctrun? Thanks

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CTRunRef run = (CTRunRef)runObj;          
CFRange runRange = CTRunGetStringRange(run);
[[_attributedString attributedSubstringFromRange:NSMakeRange(runRange.location, runRange.length)] string]
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No there is no way to get back the attributed string that was used in creation of a CTRun. Your program already ought to know this information, since it created the CTFrame, CTLine or CTRun from an attributed string.

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