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What is a WCF OperationContract? I dont really understand what it does

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WCF uses an opt-in model to define what belongs to one of its contracts. In a service contract interface, only methods decorated with [OperationContract] are exposed to the client. That means that, in the interface below, if used within a WCF service, a client could call both Add and Subtract operations, but not Multiply.

public interface ICalculator
    int Add(int x, int y);

    int Subtract(int x, int y);

    // Not decorated
    int Multiply(int x, int y);
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Well, Like I need all methods to be accessed by client, and I don't want to write that on every method, what do I do there? –  Waqas Sep 15 '14 at 8:57

Every method you want to be able to the user calling from his client side must be declared like that.

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