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I'd like to know if it's possible to embed an animated slideshow within a slideshow instead of an image? Basically I have a piece of design of which there are multiple versions of it which I want overlapped over each other so I have made a simple jquery slideshow to do that (based on this tutorial), but I want it as part of my design page's own slideshow (animated gifs did the trick in principle but were either too large or poor quality)...

I would appreciate your help and patience!

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I'm a little confused. Did you mean that you have a slideshow on a portfolio page, and one of the things in the portfolio is to demonstrate a slideshow? In that case, I would think the portfolio page itself already shows that you can do a slideshow. So maybe a slide could just mention that. –  AtkinsSJ Aug 10 '12 at 20:32

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its posible but you have to develop your own gallery cause all free internet jquery gals only display pictures, or videos...an idea for that its download a simple gallery and insert it in another gallery, for example the simple jquery gallery in your link, make some gals and insert each in anything slider with this you should insert a slideshow within aother slideshow...

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