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Is it possible to uncompress (if that's the right term even) for code like below?

var vote=function(){var k={informModerator:-1,undoMod:0,acceptedByOwner:1,upMod:2,downMod:3,offensive:4,favorite:5,close:6,reopen:7,deletion:10,undeletion:11,spam:12};var f=imagePath+"vote-arrow-down.png";var c=imagePath+"vote-arrow-down-on.png";var x=imagePath+"vote-arrow-up.png";var w=imagePath+"vote-arrow-up-on.png";var A=imagePath+"vote-favorite-on.png";var o=imagePath+"vote-favorite-off.png";var l=function(){var C='<a href="/users/login?returnurl='+escape(document.location)+'">login or register</a>';$("div.vote").find("img").not(".vote-accepted").unbind("click").click(function(D){u($(D.target),"Please "+C+" to use voting.")});z().unbind("click").click(function(D){u($(D.target),"Please "+C+" to flag this post.")})};var B=function(C){if(!C){C="div.vote"}$(C).find("img.vote-

I did search stackoverflow for this question and found no results

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Yes. Copy / paste here: http://jsbeautifier.org/

That will only reformat the layout. You cannot restore variable/function names.

Related on MetaSO: Can we get an un-obfuscated version of the vote object?

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thanks good to know –  jasondavis Jul 27 '09 at 22:32
5 years later... github.com/zertosh/beautify-with-words will rename your variables with "long-ish" unique names. It makes unminifed code less painful to read, and helps with find-and-replace. –  zertosh Jan 26 at 3:20

I think something like Eclipse can auto-format it for you. Won't be able to get back any of the original variable names though.

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If what you are trying to do is see the original variables used to describe the code, then no. You can always take the time to run it through a formatter to make it easier to read visually but the variable and function names are lost forever.

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In your specific example, you should be able to uncompress it.

Note, however, that most compressors will rename variables. At that point, the code is, IMO, no longer human readable.

var vote = function() {
    var k = {
        informModerator: -1,
        undoMod: 0,
        acceptedByOwner: 1,
        upMod: 2,
        downMod: 3,
        offensive: 4,
        favorite: 5,
        close: 6,
        reopen: 7,
        deletion: 10,
        undeletion: 11,
        spam: 12
    var f = imagePath + "vote-arrow-down.png";
    var c = imagePath + "vote-arrow-down-on.png";
    var x = imagePath + "vote-arrow-up.png";
    var w = imagePath + "vote-arrow-up-on.png";
    var A = imagePath + "vote-favorite-on.png";
    var o = imagePath + "vote-favorite-off.png";
    var l = function() {
        var C = '<a href="/users/login?returnurl=' + escape(document.location) + '">login or register</a>';
        $("div.vote").find("img").not(".vote-accepted").unbind("click").click(function(D) {
            u($(D.target), "Please " + C + " to use voting.")
        z().unbind("click").click(function(D) {
            u($(D.target), "Please " + C + " to flag this post.")
    var B = function(C) {
        if (!C) {
            C = "div.vote"
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