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When using...

<!--[if lte IE 8]> <html class="ie8-7-6"> <![endif]-->
.ie8-7-6 .loginForm {display:none;} /* The login form is hidden. */


.ie8-7-6 .yourbrowserisold {display:block;} /* and some nice graphics 
appear to indicate it doesn't support IE6, 7, or 8. */

So that works very nicely and I'm providing a link to download Chrome Frame.

But now, if Chrome Frame is installed, I would like it to do the oposite.

<!--[if CF]><html class="chrome-frame><![endif]--> 
.chrome-frame .yourbrowserisold {display:none;}
.chrome-frame .loginForm {display:block;}


<!--[if CF]><html class="chrome-frame><![endif]--> 

does not work and I need the login form to appear.

I've googled a few dozen websites and I can't find an answer if...

a. it is even possible with conditionals?

b. or is it only possible with javascript?

Any help?

-----Update---------- Here is a script to detect if Google Frame is installed or not.

$(document).ready(function() {
     if( $.browser.chromeframe != window.externalHost) {alert("You are using chrome frame. You rock!"); } 
else { alert("You are not using chrome frame."); }

FYI: You can add your own jQuery to the above script to target Chrome Frame users.

----- Demo:

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The best way to detect that you're in Chrome Frame inside IE is checking for

var isChromeFrame = !!window.externalHost;

This is only available inside Chrome Frame. Currently there are no conditional comments-like construct for Chrome Frame.

More at

But to your situation, if the user has Chrome Frame installed already and you're triggering it via a chrome=1 flag, then they'll never see any content inside of IE conditional comments.

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Thanks! I believe the dual compatibility modes in IE developer tools was throwing me off. But, to add something valuable to this conversation here is a litte script to detect if Chrome Frame is installed or not. $(document).ready(function() { if( $.browser.chromeframe != window.externalHost) {alert("You are using chrome frame"); } else { alert("You are not using chrome frame"); } }); – user1552119 Aug 14 '12 at 19:00

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