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I need to play midi files in my application and the code I'm using (full text in another post on SO) works great, as long as the midi files are valid.

However, I would like to detect invalid files. I tried using the _status function in my code, which, as you can see, builds on the mciSendString function from the library winmm.dll:

Public Shared Function _Status() As String
    Dim sBuffer As New StringBuilder(128)
    mciSendString("status " & sAlias & " position", sBuffer, sBuffer.Capacity, IntPtr.Zero)
    Return sBuffer.ToString()
End Function

I tried checking the status before opening an invalid file, after opening but before playing it, after playing it. The function always returns an empty string, while I was hoping that at some point it would return a 296 error, which corresponds to "INVALID FILE" according to the explanation by Microsoft

Can anybody help me detect invalid midi files in VB.NET?

Thanks a lot! Best regards

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Have you tried NAudio? I know you already wrote your own MIDI code, but maybe this could simplify your code a bit - link here: naudio.codeplex.com –  ekolis Aug 10 '12 at 22:29
Thanks for the suggestion! Will look at that right now! –  Davide Aug 11 '12 at 7:52

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