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I have virtual paging tuned on my jqGrid (scroll = 1). I am doing a advanced server side search and when a search is found I want the data to be returned to the jqGrid. I want to clear the grid before I bind the new data. I have observed that when I call clearGridData function, it calls load complete. Is there a way to prevent loadComplete being called and clearing all rows in the grid before I bind the ones in which I found my search result?

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You can try GridUnload() and then recreate the Grid. so if your container table is "somegrid" then $("#somegrid").GridUnload(); $("#somegrid").jqGrid({...}); –  IUnknown Aug 10 '12 at 21:53
I am losing my colModel $("#someGrid").jqGrid("getGridParam", "colModel") after I call reload...Why is this? Thanks for your previous answer –  chugh97 Aug 15 '12 at 9:45
Is it possible to take a copy of all the options set for a jqGrid before GridUnload is called so its easy to reconstruct it? –  chugh97 Aug 15 '12 at 19:59
Instead why not create a function that creates the jqGrid and call the same function again right after you call GridUnload. –  IUnknown Aug 15 '12 at 20:02

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