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Single Linked List is Palindrome or not

Suppose i have a link list having a char item,i need to find if the characters in that link list is a palindrome or not. I know link list not at all a suitable structure for this, but then if we have one what to do?

eg a-b-c-b-a

a doubly link list is easy,we can start of with the head and tail

ptrh=head ptrt=tail



But what if we have a single linked list? How to implement it then?

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Knowing the size of the list you can tell what the middle is. Then as you go through you just cache all the chars up to the middle and make sure they appear in reverse order after the middle.

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can you create temporary arrays? Put all items in the linked list into an array, then compare index n with index (length - n).

var ptr = head; var array = [];

while (ptr != null)
  ptr = ptr.next;

for (var i = 0; i < array.length / 2; i++)
  if (array[i] != array[array.length - i])
    return (false);

return (true);
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...and don't forget to take into account arrays with an odd length. –  Dan O Aug 10 '12 at 23:19

you could build a list with the inverse order of nodes while going through the list for the first time.

and then compare the first n/2+1 nodes of the original and the inversed lists

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