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I have a URL that's absolute:

<a href="https://circleci.com/docs/configuration">configuration</a>

I use Sammy.js for routing, but it won't route it. However, it's happy to route the relative version of the same URL:

<a href="/docs/configuration">configuration</a>

How can I make sammy route the absolute version in the same way?

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You can still use a hash in your href, i.e. href="#ESPN"

Then capture the route with Sammy and use the location.assign method to load the new URL or retrieve the document:

Sammy(function () {
    /* Top-bar navigation requests
    this.get("#:view", function () {
        switch (this.params.view) {              
            case "ESPN":

    /* Reporting Excel requests
    this.get("#Reporting/Excel/:type/:audience/:unitID/:departmentID", function () {
        location.assign("Report/Excel?" +
            "Type=" + this.params.type + "&" +
            "Audience=" + this.params.audience + "&" +
            "UnitID=" + this.params.unitID + "&" +
            "DepartmentID=" + this.params.departmentID
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