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I have a shared drive at \ My unison is setup to copy from


I can access \\mydata however when I try from the command prompt unison tells me 'Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.', it doesn't have the authentification information that I specified from the explorer window. How can I specify it?

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Just right click on 'My PC' (or 'Computer' in Windows 7) icon on the desktop and select 'connect to a network drive' or 'Map network drive', or click 'Start->Computer->Map network drive' or press ALT Key and click 'Tools->Map Network drive' in any explorer window, and type \\\mydata and assign an unused drive letter, for example Z:.

Now you you have mounted a virtual drive which works as any other drive in windows so you don't have to bother about logins and network issues. Just setup your program to copy from C:\mydata to Z:\ or whatever letter you assign to your network drive.

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