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I couldn't make the theme/skin thing work in VS2008. Same asp.net2.0 code works fine in VS2005.

I am using Masterpage, and inside content page I would have something like: <asp:Button ID="testid" runat="server" SkinID="RedBlueButton" Text="TestButton"></asp:Button>

and in the App_Themes/Default/button.skin file, I would have something like

<asp:Button SkinID="RedBlueButton" runat="server" BackColor="Blue" ForeColor="Red" Font-Name="Arial" Font-Size="9px" />

but the button still shows white. Anybody have any idea why? Thanks.

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Are you sure the theme is specified in web.config?

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adding theme in web.config solve the problem. Thanks. –  Tom Jul 27 '09 at 23:14

Ok, it worked again when I explicitly add Theme="Default" in the <%@ Page > directive. However, it still complains that the "Default" is an invalid theme name even though all my theme files are under App_Themes/Default/

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