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So I forund my salfe having alike code repeating 3 times in 3 functions of my class, something like

var obj = ...
while (!obj.isDone) {
      yield return obj;

In Unity3d it is related to AssetBundleRequest, WWW and some other asinc classes. Function from where I call that code returns IEnumerator and has much mere yield returns after such wait calls. I wonder how to wrap such wait into some template function callable from my function with one log yeld return func<typeof(obj)>(obj) or something similar that would end only when obj.isDone?

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Can't you just yield return obj; a single time? The doc for AsyncOperation, which is where isDone is defined, seems to say so, with:

You can yield until asynchronous operation continues...

If not, you could make some code like this:

public static IEnumerator UntilDone(AsyncOperation op)
  while (!op.isDone) {
    yield return op;
//in a method:
yield return StartCoroutine(UntilDone(obj));
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BTW is there any option of Starting Coroutines from not MonoBehaviour ? –  myWallJSON Aug 11 '12 at 13:20
I'd suggest keeping a reference to a dummy MonoBehaviour in your non-MonoBehaviour class in order to do StartCoroutine. Something like MonoBehaviour dummy; as a field of your type, then dummy.StartCoroutine(myRoutine()); –  Tim S. Aug 11 '12 at 13:58

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