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concatenate hash values when key is same in perl

I want to store multiple values for a key in hash. For eg:

SMP00001    HMDB00641
SMP00001    HMDB00051
SMP00001    HMDB00052
SMP00003    HMDB00051
SMP00003    HMDB00517
SMP00004    HMDB00243

SMP00001: HMDB00641,HMDB00051,HMDB00052
SMP00003: HMDB00051,HMDB00517
SMP00004: HMDB00243

Here is the code I wrote:


When I print the content in hash the output is:

SMP00001 => ARRAY(0x161da40)
SMP00003 => ARRAY(0x11be28)
SMP00004 => ARRAY(0x1265c8)
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print "$_: ", join(',', @{$hash{$_}}), "\n" for keys %hash;
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Your code is working. Thanks – I am Aug 11 '12 at 3:06

The values of your hashtable are array references, so you must dereference them to see the elements. That is, instead of

print "$key => $hash{$key}\n";


print "$key => @{$hash{$key}}\n";
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