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Too much here and I've already spent hours trying to find my answer, to no avail.

I run a small ISP. We do not use any form of PPP. However, I control the clients' routers. The client router have their default gateways normally set to use my network gateway. However, if I change the client's default gateway to point to an alias of my server, whenever they try to go anywhere on the internet, even if it's, I want them to go to myserver/YouHaveNotPaidYourBill.php.

I use Debian and Lighttpd on the server.

I have tried everything I can think of, and the server simply redirects the packets to the real gateway. This isn't what I want.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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This should be on ServerFault, however I thought I'd mention that this is a super shady thing for you to do. It's like you're running a MITM attack against your customers. Just cut them off and send a letter, don't break their internet in weird ways. – Hamish Aug 11 '12 at 5:14
Indeed, this is awful practice. I've many times seen this sort of thing on automated monitoring computers/devices, that didn't have any browser so there was no way to find out WHY communication with the server was failing. – Hugo Aug 11 '12 at 5:16

Your best chance is to poison your client's DNS, and have any DNS request point to your server.

Be warned, non-http traffic will fail silently, so clients that don't browse (ie: a line used for torrenting, for VoIP, or simply, someone who chats but doesn't browse) will only see internet failing silently and will not see the dialog.

Also, you'll fail to grab HTTPS traffic as well. Since, for example, firefox uses HTTPS for google searches by default, average joe will try to access, which you can't intercept to show your own message. There no way; if there where, you'd be able to intercept any other https website (ie: banks) to show your own content.

Finally: this sort of thing is also interception of packages and/or MITM, and may be ilegal, depending on wherer you live. It's not the same to drop communications (when he doesn't pay), and to intercept it like this.

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