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I am a newbie laravel user and tried to write my code with tutorials and docs. When I try to open the site a loading animation occurs and after that, the menu and contentt split into either side of the page. I want only to change content division when I click menu buttons.

These are my routes.php:

Route::get('articles', array('uses'=>'articles@index'));
Route::get('articles/(:any)', array('as'=>'article','uses'=>'articles@view'));
Route::get('abouts', array('as'=>'abouts','uses'=>'abouts@index'));

This is my default.blade.php menu part:

<div id="sidebar-content">
   <ul id="menu">
   <li class="current"><a href="<?php echo URL::to('articles'); ?>">ANASAYFA</a></li>
   <li><a href="<?php echo URL::to('abouts'); ?>">HAKKIMIZDA</a></li>

Are the links correct here ?

My ajax.js

$(document).ready( function() {
$("#sidebar-content ul li a").click( function(e){
     console.log('This href =='+this.href);
     return false;

When I click links, I get a loading animation and the content is not shown.
This is my articles controller :

class Articles_Controller extends Base_Controller {

            public $restful = true;
            public $layout = 'layouts.default';

         public function get_index(){
             $this->layout->title = "Anasayfa";
             $this->layout->content = View::make('articles.index')

These are the console.logs :

GET http://localhost/~ytsejam/laravel/public/index.php/abouts  jquery.min.js (line 4)
This href ==http://localhost/~ytsejam/laravel/public/index.php/abouts   ajax.js (line 6)
GET http://localhost/~ytsejam/laravel/public/js/basic.js?_=13446   jquery.min.js (line 4)
GET http://localhost/~ytsejam/laravel/public/index.php/abouts jquery.min.js (line 5)
This href ==http://localhost/~ytsejam/laravel/public/index.php/abouts ajax.js (line 6)
GET http://localhost/~ytsejam/laravel/public/index.php/abouts jquery.min.js (line 5)
This href ==http://localhost/~ytsejam/laravel/public/index.php/abouts jquery.min.js (line 7)

Can you help me?

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1 Answer

I could not find the reason why your menu and content split. Probably you could re-read your Javascript, because it looks to me like the splitting problem is located there.

As for your links. If I read the documentation http://laravel.com/docs/routing, I would expect the links to be URL::to_route('abouts') and URL::to_route('articles'), because you use named routes.

And you are using the blade engine (because your file is named default.blade.php). Therefore you could write {{ URL::to_route('abouts') }} in stead of <?php echo URL::to_route('abouts'); ?>

Hope this is of any help, Hendrik Jan

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Animation is loaded when entering the page. So after page splits into each side. That is the way I want, I dont want to page to be reloaded each time I click links. –  ytsejam Aug 12 '12 at 17:33
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