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In my bank I have both managers and employees .

A manager is an employee , hence he (or she) has the same permissions of an employee .

I start from here : enter image description here

And Jacky chose that - an employee action :

enter image description here

Then I perform a regular registration that any employee does - as a manager :

enter image description here

And then I reach here :

enter image description here enter image description here

Meaning , that this time I return as a manager to an Employee page (!) and not my own page - Manager's page .

So , the question is , how can I remember or know who clicked the "open new account" button , a manager or an employee ?

Note that the problem here is not a "normal" redirection , I can handle that : the problem is that I don't know who clicked the "open new account" button , since 2 people have that permission - a manager and an employee .

I can attach all the code , please say so if it is needed .


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you can add a post parameter &client=manager or &client=employee etc –  alfasin Aug 11 '12 at 7:20

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If there is nothing that differentiates a manager-user from a employee-user then you can save a value in the session on the click of "Press here to continue" on the transaction page (e.g. "manager" for manager's and "employee" in employee's). And use that information to render the link on the Congratulations page.

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You can have a hidden tag in the html code. Set itz value to employee or manager in their respective pages. Then in servlet you can save the value of the hidden field in a session variable. thats how you can remember who clicked.

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