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I built my webapp from the sample "forms". Forms has a template called "main.scala.html" with the fixed navbar of twitter bootstrap. It's really easy to use , I just can include it in all my templates.

But now I have a small problem.

I want to render two differnt things in this navbar. A login button if the user has not signed in, and a logout button if he has singend in.

The annoying part would be that I would have to do this for all my templates.

  • Is this the correct way to do it?
  • Or is there a better solution for this problem?


Maybe I can read the session in the template?

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Yes, you can read the session from the template, but I suggest you to read this question and answer which may fit your need: How to avoid passing parameters everywhere in play2?

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Thanks this looks awesome. :) –  Maik Klein Aug 11 '12 at 11:37

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