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How can I set the form labels to something else than fos_user_registration_form_X?

For example, I have an entity field that lists entities with checkboxes, and I have the property => name set, but the label of the checkbox is indeed not the $name of the entity but fos_user_bundle seems to override that with some machine-type-label


And this is indeed the format of every other label in my fos_user_forms, I can't seem to find where these label strings are defined. I have no interest in translating my application later, do I have to enable translation to get human readable labels?

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You could just override the Form classes that FOSUserBundle uses...

Read more about how to do this here

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I have looked in the form classes, they dont contain the labels 'fos_user_change_password_form_current' etc. can't find these strings anywhere, if I did I could simply replace them... – Matt Welander Aug 18 '12 at 8:55
they're part of the form templates, if you override the Form classes you can specify what templates you wish to use for the forms – JamesHalsall Aug 18 '12 at 12:01

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