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I'm trying to upload a picture to appengine using POCO::Net::HTMLForm. Please see the code below. The problem I have is that the imagedata is not send. The token and the character name (its for an open source action rpg) is transmited without any problem. Any idea what I may do wrong?

Thanks in advance :)

c++ code:

            // prepare session
        Poco::URI uri(backend_url + "/api/update_character_avatar");
        Poco::Net::HTTPClientSession session(uri.getHost(), uri.getPort());

        // prepare path
        std::string path(uri.getPathAndQuery());
        if (path.empty()) path = "/";

        Poco::Net::HTTPRequest req(Poco::Net::HTTPRequest::HTTP_POST, path);
        Poco::Net::HTMLForm form;
        form.add("token", sw_token);
        form.add("charname", sw_charname);

        Poco::Buffer<char> imgBuffer(mImgPtr->size());
        mImgPtr->read(imgBuffer.begin(), imgBuffer.end()-imgBuffer.begin());
        std::string s(imgBuffer.begin(), mImgPtr->size());

        std::ostringstream out;
        Poco::Base64Encoder b64enc(out);
        b64enc.write(imgBuffer.begin(), imgBuffer.end()-imgBuffer.begin());
        Poco::Net::StringPartSource *prtsrc = new Poco::Net::StringPartSource(out.str());
        form.addPart("imagedata", prtsrc);

        std::ostream& send = session.sendRequest(req);

        // get response
        Poco::Net::HTTPResponse res;

        // print response
        std::istream &is = session.receiveResponse(res);
        std::ostringstream stream;
        Poco::StreamCopier::copyStream(is, stream);
        std::cout << stream.str() << std::endl;

Python handler for appengine:

class UpdateCharacterAvatarHandler(webapp2.RequestHandler):
def post(self):
    token = self.request.get("token")
    charname = self.request.get("charname")
    imagedata = self.request.get("imagedata")


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Sorry I couldn't understand what exactly you are trying to do in this code. There are lot of useless steps you have taken to upload a file as it can be done simply by using HTMLForm class. Here are the minimum code required to do so -

    HTTPRequest request(HTTPRequest::HTTP_POST, "/fileupload/upload_file.php",    HTTPMessage::HTTP_1_1);
    HTMLForm form;
    form.addPart("file", new FilePartSource("/home/abc/Pictures/sample.png"));

    HTTPClientSession *httpSession = new HTTPClientSession("localhost");
    httpSession->setTimeout(Poco::Timespan(20, 0));

    Poco::Net::HTTPResponse res;
    std::istream &is = httpSession->receiveResponse(res);
    Poco::StreamCopier::copyStream(is, std::cout);

The corresponding upload server is using standard PHP code for uploading HTML form files.

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I would expect imagedata to appear as a post field rather than get, so I would try     imagedata = self.request.post("imagedata"). Alternatively try posting it to a server which will allow you to set breakpoints and inspect the content of the request.

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