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I have to copy the SSH Key for GitHub from id_rsa.pub. What is the clipboard utility that I could use, and what is the command line to copy to the clipboard. Done that, how to copy from the clipboard to a text file or anywhere. Please advice.

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Use the xclip utility.

To install: sudo apt-get install xclip

To copy: xclip id_rsa.pub

To copy to clipboard: xclip -o | xclip -sel clip

To paste: xclip -o -sel clip > file.txt

Read the README file in the xclip source for more on how to use it.

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Thank you Jeshwant Kumar NK. –  Selvam Aug 12 '12 at 6:52
This is the most useful thing I have ever read on stack overflow. <3 <3 <3 –  johannestaas Aug 1 at 5:26
It did not work for me. if some one faces the same issue, you can use cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub and the copy the displayed string. Hope it helps. –  Saurabh Lodha Nov 13 at 17:16
@SaurabhLodha What problem you found ? –  Jeshwanth Kumar N K Nov 14 at 17:53
@SaurabhLodha If you got the Error again, let me know :) –  Jeshwanth Kumar N K Nov 14 at 18:29

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