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well im working on my own orm recently, but im having some logical problem i think. i'll do a long explanation here.

i have two classes defined at the moment

{ this is my main class definition }
ThsORMTable = class
  { Private declarations }
  FAssociationList : TList<ThsORMAssociationAbstract>;

{ refers to a association between two tables }
ThsORMAssociation = class(ThsORMAssociationAbstract)
  { Private declarations }
  FMasterTable : ThsORMTable;
  FDetailTable : ThsORMTable;
  FMasterColumn : string;
  FDetailColumn : string;
  { Public declarations }
  destructor Destroy(); override;
  property MasterTable : ThsORMTable read FMasterTable write FMasterTable;
  property DetailTable : ThsORMTable read FDetailTable write FDetailTable;
  property MasterColumn : string read FMasterColumn write FMasterColumn;
  property DetailColumn : string read FDetailColumn write FDetailColumn;

ok, everything`s going on at the moment, when ThsORMTable find a TRTTIField of type ThsORMAssociation he automatically create a instance of that and add to FAssociationList.

ok, now i get to the point i really want, what i want to do here is a way to add association between this two classes, a thought some ways i would to that, but got a lot os errors. for the call i would like to do something like that:

with ThsORMObjectManager<TMovimentoContabil>.Create(Adapter) do
    AddAssociation(Columns.fornecedor, 'municipe'); { second parameter is a alias }

for the association manager that will have similar behaviour of my tobjectmanager it should be something like this:

ThsORMAssociationManager<T : ThsORMTable, constructor> = class
  { Public declarations }
  function FindAsObject() : TList<T>;

ok, so i modified my ThsORMAssociation to add this:

ThsORMObjectManager<T : ThsORMTable, constructor> = class
  { Private declarations }
  { list of alias in case of multiple associations }
  FAssociationAlias : TStringList;
  { list of associations informed }
  FAssociationList : TList<ThsORMAssociationManager< ??? >);
  { Public declarations }
  procedure AddAssociation(AColumn : ThsORMAssociation; AAlias : string);

procedure ThsORMObjectManager<T>.AddAssociation(AColumn: ThsORMAssociation; AAlias: string);
    FAssociationList.Add(ThsORMAssociationManager< ??? >.Create(FAdapter));
  except on Error : Exception do
    { ... }


first question is:

  • I don`t know what to put in the first ???, since ThsORMAssociationManager will be diferent from the T of the ThsORMObjectManager, since ThsORMAssociation.DetailTable is a diferent class

second question is:

  • In the line FAssociationList.Add(ThsORMAssociationManager< ??? >.Create()); in my idea ??? should be something like FAssociationList.Add(ThsORMAssociationManager< AColumn.DetailTable >.Create()); but i get a error when i try to do that, saying that ThsORMAssociationManager is undefined

I tried to be the most clear possible here, but if u guys need more info about it just ask, anyway any idea of how I can accomplish that goal?

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This really is a bit too long winded. I wish you could extract just a minimal code sample that explains what you're doing. I suspect your problem is one of those generic covariance/contravariance type issues, but I feel rather muddled having read through all this, so I'll not attempt to answer. –  Warren P Aug 12 '12 at 13:52
If you have 2 questions it would be better to split the post into 2 separate ones (single addressable issues). –  menjaraz Aug 13 '12 at 5:48
i made some resuming, let`s see how it goes now ... –  kabstergo Aug 13 '12 at 13:27

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