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I am trying build a page, where a user can login using his google id and can access Picasaweb albums.

I am using gdata-java-client-1.47.1.zip (downloaded from here), google-oauth-java-client-1.10.1-beta.zip (downloaded from here) and google-api-java-client-1.10.3-beta.zip (downloaded from here)

After setting up the OAuth2 workflow and getting the access token, I had created Credential object

return new GoogleCredential.Builder().setClientSecrets(CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET)

When I am trying to create the PicasawebService object and set OAuth2Credentials as mentioned in this link, I do NOT see a method setOAuth2Credentials in the list of methods available for PicasawebService object. I can only see setOAuthCredentials(parameters, signer) method available. Is this expected?

Not sure where I should go from here on how to access the web albums data? Kind of stuck! please help?

Thank you,


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Try using PicasaClient as is done in this sample:

PicasaClient client = new PicasaClient(HTTP_TRANSPORT.createRequestFactory(credential));

You probably have to include PicasaClient, PicasaUrl and the model classes manually.

Another option would be to go down the already deprecated, but supported until April 2015, AuthSub way.

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Jan - you are awesome. thank you very much for the tip. I am trying to use PicasaClient... will get back after implementation. :-) – Satya Aug 11 '12 at 18:28

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