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Is it possible to have a continous/rotational slider with out cloning using jquery? Requirment is onload the half of the 25% of last and previous slide should be shown along with the first/current slide. And when user click on the next/prev button it has to be rotational.

I have tried with cloning, but smaller resolution it is fine, in the bigger resolution even the clonnig div is shown. I should not show the cloning div.

Please suggest me if there are any plugging.

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You can use AnythingSlider

The code which is used for the clone is

slider.$items//callback argument
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<div id="MainSliderContent" style="display: table-cell;">
    <div class="Message">
        Test 1
    <div class="Message">
        Test 2
    <div class="Message">
        test 3
    <div class="Message">
        Test 4

 $(document).ready(function () {
        //if ($('#MainSliderContent').find('div.Message').length > 1) {

            mouseenter: function () {
            mouseleave: function () {

        setInterval(function () {
            if (!$('#MainSliderContent').hasClass('Hover')) {
                var $messageObj = $('#MainSliderContent').find('div.Message:visible');
        }, 1 * 1000);

for demo see this link:

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1 * 1000 this is for one second u can change it. – ThulasiRam Aug 11 '12 at 13:25

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