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Does anyone know of an online CSV editor written in PHP that will allow a user to open, edit, and save a given CSV file?

All I can find are CSV classes and nothing that can handle dynamic files, just predefined lengths etc.

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could you elaborate a tad on your requirements? –  warren Sep 28 '09 at 10:48

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Parse the CSV file into array. Then, use an array of arrays to populate a matrix of text boxes in your web page. When you submit the form, read the data from $_POST and use fputcsv() to save it.

Think about validation, if relevant.

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So you want to be able to open a file, edit it using a web based UI and save it? Why not use Google Docs?

EDIT: Its irritating when people vote you down without leaving a comment as to why... Useless contributions...

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+1 on downvotes, i think you where downvoted because the question asked for a PHP solution. Though google docs i good at CSV handling, so im upvoting you for suppling an alternative solution. –  t.mikael.d May 6 '12 at 12:44

fgetcsv would solve your issue. Basically it takes in CSV file and parses it out into an array.

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Point it at a csv, tell it the delimiter, unique field and tell it to edit. Very simple to use. I've had an issue with the delete button but I only just tried it for the first time, I'm sure I can work that out.

Saved me some hours trying to build and test my own.

Edit: Worked out the issue with the unique column (or KeyFieldName as he calls it) don't have spaces in the name of that column (the first row of the csv)

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