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How can I run Chrome without all browser's controls (tabs, address line, buttons)?

only page-area loaded with specific url


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The above page links to a page with a huge list of arguments, maybe it can be achieved that way. I would also like to know how this can be done.

I currently use this for opening µTorrent server's webUI

chromium-browser --window-size=900,700 http://admin:@localhost:8080/gui/
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You'll need to start Chrome in "Kiosk mode"

Here is a tutorial for windows: http://think2loud.com/868-google-chrome-full-screen-kiosk-mode/

If you are building a more elaborate kiosk solution, you would put this command in a shell/bash script that would continuously run it (and wait for exit before doing it again). This was if your user pressed Alt+F4 it would just start it again.

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Thanks, Now I'm using this way, but I need to run it in window-mode, not fullscreen –  Lynx_BY Aug 26 '12 at 20:18

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