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My java project build in jdk 7 . I want to convert it into jdk 6. How can I do this? It is possible that convert it? in netbeans.

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Add separate JDK (1.6) to your IDE preferences. In build path of project change used JRE Environment from 1.7 to just added 1.6.


For NetBeans click Tools > Java Platforms > Add Platform where you specify additional JRE. Then go to your Project view > Right Click on libraries > Properties and select just added java platform.

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I installed jdk 1,6 but I cant find where I change it in preferences? I use netbeans. –  Ersin Gülbahar Aug 11 '12 at 13:28

You can configure your NetBeans project source code and binary output to be Java 6, see this answer:

In the Project tab, right click on the project and select Properties. In the Library category select Java Platform JDK 1.6. Then, in the Source category select Source/Binary Format JDK6.

Note, you don't have to since JDK 7 is backward compatible.

Alternatively, if it is a Maven based project, you can configure the maven-compiler-plugin to use version 1.6:

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