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In a Rails app using ActiveAdmin, one of my fields is printing an enormous length of text in a very narrow column and causing a single db row to take up an entire screen vertically. I only want ActiveAdmin to show the first ~50 chars with an ellipsis if it exceeds.

index do
  column :too_long

I am looking for something like this

index do
  column :too_long, :max => 50
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you can use something like

 index do
   column "TOO LONG" do |object|
      object.too_long.slice(0, 50)

I have not tested this but something like this should work.

check more details in docs

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You can also use the helper function truncate for this

index do
   column :too_long do |my_resource|
      truncate(my_resource.too_long, length: 50)
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