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at oracle/mysql we usually query record use

select * from test t where in(1001,1002,1003);

but hbase has no that api to select data,only can use scan(startRow) and endRow;

who have reolve this question,or have method to do this. thanks.

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What is the question? – Gordon Linoff Aug 11 '12 at 15:32

If you're looking for HBase as a replacement for an RDBMS than don't. HBase is much more limited in the way you can query data.

In any event if your row key in HBase is id you can do the query you mentioned as 3 GETs by key

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I completely agree with Arnon... HBase is not really an RDBMS replacement.

To get some of the query functionality you are looking for, you should consider using Hive, which is a almost-SQL implementation that runs over data in Hadoop or HBase.

When interacting with HBase with Java like you mention in your question, you can use a filter, specifically the ValueFilter, to filter out values. This will make it so only rows that match the criterion to be returned. Take a look at the hbase reference guide on filters to learn more on how to implement this.

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