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Maintaining a Magento site built by someone else, noticed the site owner had not populated Meta Title, Description & Keywords on a product level. The default meta-information for the site populates into every product page.

After successfully populating these attributes for the store view, clearing cache, re-indexing, verifying the attributes are active, etc., the default meta-information for the site is still what populates the product page.

Seems like it would be a configuration issue, but at this point I'd like to rule out the chance that the original developer altered the core functionality somehow. I see where the getTitle() method populates the default meta-information when it can't find something more specific, so that's cool and it's doing so because there is no data for the title when it's rendering the page.

Where would I find the method that creates/populates data for the product object when building a product page?

If I find where that happens, I should be able to test for what is coming out of the database directly.

Or, if by reading this you realize I've missed checking a config option, would love to hear about that, too.

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The product meta titles are set in Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_View in the _prepareLayout() method

See here

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